Every business owner or manager wants their office to be a place where clients, and staff feel welcome. Keeping on top of office cleaning and general organisation will help keep the environment clean and tidy, but there are other important ways you can improve and maintain an inviting office space.

Plants are a fairly cost effective way of creating an inviting office space. Sometimes due to the colour of the walls and office furniture, offices can seem a little sterile and lack character. Placing plants around the office is a great way freshen up the place and inject some colour.
If you have a more corporate setting and a little higher budget, a carefully placed arrangement of flowers is often all you need to create a warm, inviting space.

Providing your clients and visitors with stylish comfortable seating is one of the first things you can do to create an inviting office space. Not only will good quality, comfortable furniture look great and add a touch of class to your office but it will make your clients feel good while they wait to be seen.
Make sure you get rid of tattered, faded and old-fashioned seating; it will make your business seem dated and give a poor impression.

Having a water cooler is important in every office, not only for your clients but also your staff. Having cool, fresh water is an essential factor in making your guests feel welcome. It is worth going to the next step and providing a coffee machine or someone to prepare fresh tea and coffee for clients and visitors. The simple gesture of providing food and drink will go along way to make your guests feel welcome.

It sounds simple, but so many places do not have occasional furniture in their reception or office area. A small table will allow your client to put down their bag or folder or cup of coffee. A table will allow you to display any promotional or informative material about your business.

Bare walls is another one of those reasons that offices often look sterile and uninviting. If you don’t have a big budget, then just buy some attractive prints and display them in simple black frames. If you have a budget for some art, then why not support a local artist and have them either create something for your space or buy something appropriate. Art is a fantastic way to liven up blank walls and really add some character to your office space

The last, and not least tip on how to create an inviting office is to keep it clean and tidy. If you don’t have commercial cleaning services come in weekly to clean your office, then perhaps its time think about doing so. Commercial cleaners will make sure all the surfaces are cleaned regularly and will ensure the office is spotless from ceiling to floor. Make sure at the end of each day your staff puts away files and any other items that might create an eyesore for clients and visitors.

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