Saving money is something of interest to all businesses, especially in these tough economic times. While there are numerous ways of reducing overhead and trimming the budget, such as laying off employees or closing down certain sectors of the company, perhaps one of the most attractive money saving measures is to help reduce waste and to conserve office supplies. Here are nine ways to save money at the workplace without performing an office cleaning that sends people to the unemployment line.

1. Go Digital

Sending documents and memos as an email attachment is free. Instead of printing out pages and pages of memos that most people will toss away, simply send it around next time as a companywide email.

2. Cut Out Disposable Products

Instead of stocking plastic forks and paper cups around the office, make a one-time purchase of reusable products. Not only does this cut down on waste and help the environment, reusable products are far cheaper than buying the ubiquitous paper cups that clog up landfills.

3. Purchase Reusable Print Cartridges

Printer ink and toner can be a serious drain on a company’s funds. These products are costly and generally don’t last too long considering the hundreds of documents printed each day. A good way to circumvent this problem is to purchase cartridges that can be refilled with ink after they’ve run dry.

4. Buy Supplies in Bulk

Those big box chain stores are often bashed for their lack of customer service. However, for a cash strapped company, buying supplies in bulk from a large supplier is an ideal way to reduce costs.

Buying in bulk allows you to purchase supplies for a lower cost per unit. Buying one roll of paper towels may cost several dollars, but buying several hundred rolls at once, while more expensive upfront, costs less individually, allowing you to save money.

5. Replenish Supplies Early

Purchasing your office supplies before you run out helps you save. A sudden need for paper towels or toner can necessitate an emergency run to the store. This can be far more costly than placing regular bulk orders for your office supplies.

6. Mix Your Own Cleaning Solutions

Cleansers are not cheap, despite being essential to every office. But there are ways of getting around this predicament. Purchasing office cleaners that come pre mixed can be far costlier than buying the dry mixture and having your employees concoct the solution in house.

7. Clean Employees

Instead of having a commercial cleaning service come in and tidy up the office, have your employees take charge of their own cleanliness. Set out a schedule that dictates who cleans what at specified times.

8. Cut Down on Printing

Printing documents can be extremely wasteful unless you tailor your print settings to reduce ink and paper usage. Program your printer to print both sides on a piece of paper. Furthermore, most documents don’t need to be printed on standard settings where high definition is wasted. Tone down these wasteful settings by choosing lower resolutions.

9. Centralise Garbage Bins

Instead of having every employee keep their own garbage can at their desk, centralise garbage in one location so you can ensure your garbage bags are full.

Reducing waste is a great way to keep some extra money in your business’s coffers. Simply follow these steps for ample savings and a more efficient workplace.

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